If you have been following my blog, you will know I suffer from a lot of pain related issues. Vata, as it’s known in Ayurveda is my Doshā. I get migraines, joint pain, localised stress pains on the left side of my body, and I am currently dealing with a carpal tunnel affliction on my right arm, along with a radial head fracture.

So, I try and eat healthy and “preventative-ly” to offset the issues and calm my nerves. I cannot honestly call myself vegan, I fall weak to my Bengali half and succumb to a good māngsho-bhāt when I see it, but I try and I appreciate it when I do eat vegan.

I will be writing about vegan Bengali recipes (there is a lot!), as well as from across India and from my travels and reviewing places that I love. Write to me here or on Instagram to help me find places to eat at, as I travel! And definitely write to me or drop a line if you’re an achey one like me 🙂


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