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  • The problems with pauses.

    The problems with pauses.
  • Diwali.

  • New skin.

    New skin.
  • Quick updates.

    Quick updates.

Accidental treasures.

You may think I am exaggerating with the title, but my recent trip to was literally this. I lost control and all I wanted was some ol’ Eyeko. I love NB.. They have an…

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Skincare, Korean style.

As the lot of following me on Twitter or/and on Instagram would know, I’ve had a skin debacle earlier this year dabbling with the Sunday Riley Power Couple combo. My skin was an itchy, acne…

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My favourite piece of makeup. Lip colour! Which are your favourites? I have been *a fan of makeup since I was little. Thankfully my mum, who even though, is not a big make up wearer,…

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Orange and pink and blue.

Having been in New York recently, it’s safe to say I am smitten*. It is one of those places that doesn’t underwhelm your expectations of it, or your senses for that matter. It is as…

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Just go with it.

Not that I do not appreciate the thrill of seeing new places; there are certain spots on the planet I definitely wish to visit, I believe I am missing the “urgency to travel” or the wanderlust gene.

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