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  • The problems with pauses.

    The problems with pauses.
  • Diwali.

  • New skin.

    New skin.
  • Quick updates.

    Quick updates.

Greek pharmacies!

  On my recent trip to Crete, I realised just how underrated Greek pharmacy products are! I indulged in a little haul! Review or no review? Haul video featuring Froïka, Korres (oh, Korres!), Olivia and…

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Sunset vibe

A quick run to the supermarket for some local beer for baby J and this is what we wore. Paired my VB jeans and top from Ali Express (balance!) with a vintage shawl from New…

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It was 18 degrees in Hamburg recently, and it was momentous, to say the least. My best friend is visiting me from Mumbai and we decided to go out and do what we love doing…

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Beat the blues.

“Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” BK Iyengar. Mondays. When better to write about feeling stuck in a rut and unmotivated than in bleary weather…

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Guys, I am back after my little sabbatical. Things had gotten a little hectic… but now I am here again and very excited about it! Lately, I have been missing university and thinking about just…

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