Last week was Diwali, and unfortunately, my carpal tunnel has paired itself with a fractured elbow – it has not been the easiest week, but basically behen tumhari hain warrior*. #Teamzakir, and it is all going to get better.

I will be pairing my review of Dr. Barbara Sturm’s products along with one of Linda Rodin’s line of lipsticks and illuminiser as soon as I am feeling a little bit better.

Until then, this was Diwali 2018. I could not do much and it was no where close to perfect, but we tried and that is what matters.

I had to add a photo of the wonderful Masaba Gupta saree I was obsessing over that my mum and sister shipped to me all the way from Mumbai – this was me trying it on a couple of weeks before, pre-cast. So beaut, I can’t! There’s also a cheeky shelfie photo in there, I may do a video of what I have on that beloved slate, if you guys want! Also, my beloved Angela Caglia face roller broke. This week, I tell ya.


*yo sister’s a warrior 😉

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